Kirk Torregrossa Photography
During Tet, burning fake money and shoving the ashes into the public drains for ancestors is a common occurrence in downtown Saigon.Woman prepares frogs at morning market.Nha TrangA woman makes silk thread in Dalat.The Cao Dai, just before serviceThe blind leads the blind:  A musician and his assistant sell lottery tickets in the street, downtown Saigon.A woman in her home outside of Danang.A parade float at a festival to unveil the world's largest Jade Buddha, Danang.Graveyard and Fields outside of DaLat.Children play on a back street in Ho Chi Minh City.Saigon rush hour.The city of Da Lat, VietnamA woman prepares Pho on the street in downtown Saigon.The male elders of the Cao Dai wear diferent colors to represent  the many religious aspects in Cao Dai.  Red is catholocism, yellow Buddhism and Blue for Hindi.Dinner at a street kiosk, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.The flags of Vietnam.The new Saigon River bridge, a testament to the expansion and development that is occuring exponentially in Vietnam.Rice cultivation just outside Danang.The Cao Dai, a religious sect based in Thay Ninh province, during a daily ceremony.The outside of the Cao Dai Temple.  Founded in 1926, the Cao Dai is a mix of Buddhism, Catholocism, Taoism, Confucianism and Hindu.  Thier saints include Napolean Bonaparte and Victor Hugo.Inside a very rare Hindu temple in Saigon.  There are only around 70 Hindus in Ho Chi Minh City.Children perform the "Kitchen Dance" in random homes in Saigon, banging the drum and scaring away the spirits for the coming year.Silk production outside of Da Lat, VietnamRemnants from a morning market, Saigon.
These are some of the other images I was able to capture while working on Sum and Parts.