Kirk Torregrossa Photography
A woman prepares potato leaf for stewing.The pristine beach at River No.2, Freetown peninsulaChildren of a slum in downtown Freetown.A marching band for Alumni festivities at the Prince Edward School, Freetown.Men playing "Drafts", Freetown, Sierra LeoneKingtom, Freetown, Sierra LeoneBanana and MangoSchool House, Mackeni, Sierra LeoneA grandmother and son outside there home, built for war wounded, in Freetown, Sierra LeoneThe Kingtom Biker Boys, Freetown, Sierra LeoneTurtles for saleKingtom, Freetown, Sierra LeoneMeat Market, Freetown, Sierra LeonePoda Poda, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone
Images taken while working with the Amputees of Sierra Leone.